Why Fleet Managers Favor the Case Mini Excavator

Mini excavators are used in multiple industries as a favored piece of heavy machinery. From landscaping to urban planning, and from construction to utility work, a mini excavator is used in a wide range of operations. Also known as a compact excavator, these pieces of heavy machinery require a trained qualified driver that knows how to do digging and demolition jobs. 

Practically every major brand of heavy machinery makes this piece of equipment. So why do so many fleet managers invest in a Case mini excavator with so many options to choose from? This article is intended to shed light on this very subject. 

Fleet Managers Love the C Series Case Mini Excavator

Experienced fleet managers are known for favoring the Case mini excavator for its C Series, as they are cutting edge in offering productivity, power and real value. The C Series has six models that range from 1.7 to 6.0 metric tons. The Case mini excavator performs beautifully in tight spaces while providing unobstructed, parallel operation near tricky obstacles, foundations and tree lines due to its short-tail, zero or conventional swing design and isolated center swing boom that can easily be offset right or left within operating range. 

Comfort and Efficiency

Another reason why fleet managers invest in the Case mini excavator for their crew is that the cabs offer superior comfort. A mini excavator operator is most efficient when he is completely comfortable, focused, and energetic. Poor designs can cause wear and tear on the body which leads to fatigue and lack of focus. As a result, grave errors can be made causing project delays and financial losses. Case has made a number of innovations in cab design offering total comfort, maximum visibility, and an easy of operation making it a real value.

Case is a Pioneering Brand

Another main reason why fleet managers opt for the Case mini excavator is due to the brand’s proud history and ingenuity. Case is a true pioneering force in the world of heavy equipment. In the mid 40s a water utility from Massachusetts made the call for a heavy equipment provider to design a single piece of machinery that can perform the role of three machines. Case responded by engineering the world’s first backhoe loader. This is when they set the bar, and it hasn’t been reached by another brand since. Any company that can invest a prime piece of construction machinery is a clear choice for all other machines too. And for this reason alone, many fleet managers invest in a Case mini excavator without even looking at other options.

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