How Does Digital Help The Environment?

In this year really everything digital has become an indispensable point for many people and businesses around the world, from those who are dedicated to Memory care Mexico to those who are dedicated to food. Technology not only allows you to entertain yourself, be in touch with your friends, and research your favorite topics, but you can also do business and make sales nationally and internationally if you wish. 

Thanks to digital media, the use of paper and the use of advertising, which tends to make cities dirty, has been reduced considerably. But digital technologies are not just limited to a computer, so we will tell you what else they influence

Electric cars

That’s right, electric cars have a large number of components and digital technology, helping to reduce C02 emissions and therefore greatly benefit the environment. The technology tends to improve them and we would expect that in the coming years companies and governments will manage to reduce their cost, thus becoming more accessible and therefore multiply their use. 

Intelligent buildings 

Normally in houses and buildings a great amount of energy is consumed, through the technology the intelligent buildings are connected with the lights and thermostats regulating them when it is necessary, in such a way that the environment benefits when saving these resources. 

Technology applied to agriculture

Digital helps the environment in many ways and today particularly agriculture, different research has made it possible to develop flood-resistant and drought-tolerant varieties of rice. 

In addition, irrigation systems with schedules managed through digital elements such as computers, tablets and even cell phones have been incorporated through applications. 

Reducing paper use 

Softwares such as SAP erp that reduce the use of paper-based billing, payroll, and other accounting elements, so that they can be only in digital elements and technologically connected in the cloud with access to authorized personnel. 

 save time and money in process execution and also allow its excessive modification in a fast way thanks to the established programming.

The ERP, for example, also solves problems at this level by allowing to link cycles from the beginning of production to the sale of products in which each of the staff employees contribute elements and information to the program, reducing in great quantity the use of internal paperwork of the company and therefore saving thousands of dollars a year in the acquisition of the same But also benefiting the environment in great quantity.

In Mexico we already have a lot of this technology, which will surely allow us to make another change. This year, due to health situations worldwide, the need to implement technology to trade, and reduce travel to workplaces, allowing more space for families, and noting how quickly environmental development improves, which we hope, is sustainable, creating a better awareness in all of us.

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