Humans, A Danger To The Environment

Humans are characterized by being the only living beings thinking and aware of their existence. We are the only ones who can reason about their existence. For this reason, human beings have managed to dominate the planet over other types of living creatures, making it practically ours and getting rid of everything that is not convenient for us to be present. The more human beings we are, the more we need new inventions that can serve us for our health, comfort, and well-being. 

We need more technological devices, we need more spaces to live, more jobs, more clothes, more food, more of everything, our demand is always on the rise, and the resources remain the same, human beings have multiplied and left in the second instance to all other living things on the planet. We have become selfish, and because of us, many species have ceased to exist. Others are currently in danger of extinction. 

It is regrettable as human beings due to simple selfishness and to see for ourselves we have decided to pollute the planet, throwing our waste in an ecosystem in which we have nothing to do like the ocean is, affecting species that we later kill to consume as fish and even sharks are. It is unfortunate that we only see for our needs that thousands of trees are cut down to build more tourist complexes or houses or use their wood in furniture or artifacts to our satisfaction. It is sad to see how animals are forced to reproduce and how they live in the worst conditions during their short lives. 

And that is another thing that human beings take care of deciding today, how long animals live. There are many documentaries and movies about this, many many people are beginning to become aware of how bad this is and have decided to show it to the whole world, realistically in different documentaries or mixing it with a bit of fiction as in the case of the recent Netflix movie Okja

Human beings care a lot about ourselves; we go to the doctor, to the Tijuana dentist. We do whatever it takes to stay healthy and comfortable always, the bad thing is when this goes beyond the limits, and we put our well-being on that of other living beings like animals and plants. Thanks to these, we have managed to have a very comfortable life, we can feed ourselves and stay healthy and happy. If animals and plants were not human beings, we would have no way to feed ourselves. 

Still, sometimes we forget, and we think they are there for us. We want to make use of nature for our pleasure, of everything, of animals, of the soil, of plants, water, and everything possible, regardless of how we are affecting. 

We have to start changing our mentality; we have to stop being these selfish beings that we have become and who do not care about anything. Still, their well-being, if we want things to change, if we’re going to continue having a good life in the future, the only way we can achieve this is by being aware that not only do we inhabit the planet, that there are other living beings and that they also deserve to live well.

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