Why Should Our Mentality Change?

We are in an age where it is time to become aware, things cannot continue like this, we have managed to pollute our planet and affect it in such a way that if we do not do something, the damage will most likely be irreversible, to prevent this from happening, we will The best thing we can do is to change our mentality and that is that with so many inventions and with so much progress we deviate a bit and we begin to think that we and our needs are the most important thing, which turned us into selfish beings who do not take into account that we do not We are the only beings that inhabit the planet, but there are also a large number of animals, plants and more than how we are living beings and it is in our hands that they continue to have a suitable environment to inhabit. 

Much has been said although it is not a belief that we all share, that the human being must be in balance with nature, this is totally a reality, human beings need nature to exist, we need clean air to be able to breathe, we need food that is harvested from the earth, we need water, starting from the simplest things we can realize that we need nature to even exist, in addition to all the things we have today, including the most technological innovations, they have their origin in nature. 

Anything we can think of has materials that were originally raw material obtained from nature, such as dental implants Tijuana, cars, etc. Everything has its origin in nature, without it we would have nothing and therefore we have to be respectful and show our appreciation towards it, how can we do this? Well, doing everything in our power, among these things being responsible for consumption, we are in an era characterized by consumerism, we buy and discard things in a very simple way without even giving them much use, disposable is an example very clear of it and it is what we must avoid at all costs, we make responsible purchases. Let’s avoid everything disposable and buy things that we know will last us and above all that we will use for a long time, we do not buy simply to buy and neither to save us a little money, it is preferable that we choose to buy things that although they can to be more expensive are useful and serve us for a long time. 

Let’s save water, let’s try to use as little as possible, like light and other resources, let’s separate our garbage, let’s practice recycling, and also reducing our consumption of animal meat is very good to help our environment. Most likely, all these things seem very simple actions to us and we may even think that they will not have any impact on our environment, however we can be very surprised with the great changes we can achieve.  

So now you know, it is time to change our mentality, to stop thinking only about ourselves, to take charge of our actions and to be grateful for what everything we have today has given us: nature. Let us never forget that we are not the only ones who inhabit this planet and we must do what is in our hands so that other living beings can inhabit the planet in the same way that we do.

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